2nd Oct


(for a while at least)

Dear lovely supporters,

Heg here. It's been a hectic year full of ups and downs with some lovely new musical projects flourishing for all of us. We've all been very busy and over-stretched to say the least and as a result Heg & The Wolf Chorus has taken a back seat for a while with the view to tour again once we have a new album ready to release.


At the moment, we don't know when that will be. It is always my aim to write music I believe in, rather than rush something because of outside pressures or financial restrictions and that's why I want to take a break to relieve that pressure and get back to what's most important; writing exciting music.


So, we don't have any shows booked in for 2020 and we plan to focus on our other projects for a while. We certainly hope to be back. It is absolutely my aim to finish the album but the reality is, as a 4+ piece band it is just too hard to sustain touring without the PR of a new album or something new to sell at gigs to supplement the income we need to break even, let alone pay ourselves.



We are putting on one last VERY SPECIAL show before the end of the year and we really hope you can come and join us!

We will be playing at none other than the wonderful Cecil Sharp House on Wednesday 2nd October. The gig will feature songs from our first album as well as a set of brand new songs based around modern day stories.

You'll also get the chance to hear some new material from Julu Irvine & Heg Brignall; the new duo that I've been working on with the lovely Julu Irvine. Thank you so much for all your support over the last few years. This isn't the end...lets just call it a sabbatical. We hope you'll join us in October before we say cheerio for a while. Please help us spread the word!


Love Heg xxx

PS do also check out Vince's band Imprints and Joe's bands Etao Shin & Spunking Octochoke who have been taking the festival scene by storm this summer.